Fund Raising Documentation

✓ Financial Modeling  ✓ Pitch Books  ✓ Information Memorandums

Financial Modeling

  • Our team can prepare a financial model of any complexity including for greenfield projects and within well defined timelines
  • Our financial model usually includes detailed assumptions relating to various revenue and cost drivers and balance sheet items
  • In addition, the model provides analysis of various financial item based on client requirements such as valuation analysis, ratio analysis and performance analysis

Pitch Books

  • Pitch books for fund raising
  • Also support in providing M&A pitch books that includes:
    • Industry Overviews
    • Potential targets or acquirers
    • Benchmarking
    • Potential Synergies

Information Memorandums

You can outsource us to manage the complete process of creating a PPM including identifying, interacting and negotiate agreements with lawyers, custodians, administrators, auditors and tax consultants

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Market Research & Feasibility Studies

✓ Market Research  ✓ Feasibility Studies 

Market Research

We provide dynamic support to organizations for conducting market research to:

  • Map market in terms of size, growth, key players, trends, regulations, etc
  • Determine market entry strategies including identifying and tying up with the right partners and setting up the right legal structure
  • Conduct primary research if required

Feasibility Studies

We conduct feasibility studies for new products or launching new operations, for analyzing:

  • Details of capital investments required
  • Project returns and sensitivity analysis
  • Identify quantitative and qualitative targets
  • Track future financial performance

Other Services

✓ Transaction Advisory  ✓ Investment Performance Tracking

Transaction Advisory

  • Advise on acquisition / sell strategy
  • Scouting for potential targets / buyers
  • Coordinating due diligence/ diagnostic overview
  • Valuation & negotiation
  • Deal execution support & Closure

Investment Performance Tracking

  • Comprehensive models for investment tracking
  • Regularly update the models to keep a track of investment performance
  • Provide suggestions and comprehensive analysis of the investment performance
  • Suggest a future course to assist in decision making around investments
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