Planning for Growth

✓ Growth Strategy  ✓ Business Plans  ✓ Financial Projections  ✓ Budgeting

Why do you need it?

  • Clearly define goals & identify strategy to achieve them
  • Identify risks and sensitivities to external/internal factors
  • Allocate and monitor resources required to achieve goals
  • Ensure team is on same page on goals and strategy thereby increasing cohesion and efficiency

How we can help?

  • Business planning and growth strategy
  • Financials planning and projections
  • Scenario and sensitivity analysis

Growth Strategy

  • Identifying key business areas of growth & work closely with clients to formulate growth strategy
  • Competency mapping and SWOT analysis
  • Analysis of horizontal and vertical integration opportunities

Business Plans

  • Detailed business plan
  • Develop targeted product mix
  • Competitive analysis
  • Identifying key revenue drivers
  • Assessing resource requirements

Financial Projections

  • Detailed financial modeling projecting growth plans
  • Running sensitivity analysis / scenario planning
  • ‘Budgeting’ including detailed breakup of each revenue and cost item for internal control
  • Assessing actual financial performance vis-à-vis budgeted goals
  • Developing treasury and cash flow management policies
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Organizing the Team for Success

✓ Organization Structure Redesign  ✓ Setting Departmental Objectives  ✓ HR Performance Management Solutions  ✓ Employee Retaining Policies

Why do you need it?

  • Retain the right talent and to keep it motivated
  • Ensure that the team understand its roles and responsibilities and work cohesively to meets company goals
  • Manage costs; ensure HR & other costs don’t grow faster than your top line

How we can help?

  • Map the culture of the organisation and identify, which areas to focus on to retain talent and be a preferred work place
  • Define the organisation structure needs, restructure it if required and align it with future growth requirements
  • Set up job descriptions, KPIs and KRAs
  • Set up performance management solutions
  • Implement incentive plans to motivate team

Organization Structure Redesign

  • Present & Future organizational structure
  • Map factors that define the culture of the company
  • Setting up of clear job descriptions

Setting Departmental Objectives

  • Define departmental objectives and annual business planning
  • Set KRAs and KPIs
  • Empowering employees

HR Performance Management Solutions

  • Development & implementation of performance review systems
  • Devising Incentive Plans

Employee Retaining Policies

  • Development of Employee Redressal System
  • Setting up an Employee Engagement team to review Employee satisfaction scale and address their issues

Setting up the Guidelines

✓ HR Handbook  ✓ Marketing Handbook  ✓ Corporate Governance Handbook  ✓ Process Flow Charts & Diagrams  ✓ Procurement Policies

Why do you need it?

  • Guidelines help clearly communicate the culture of the organisation you want to build
  • Policies & procedures are guidebooks to be used when in doubt!
  • Guidelines serve as FAQs that employees can use to solve regular queries and help save management’s time to resolve them

How we can help?

We work with you to set up detailed policies and procedures for your business; these handbooks would include:

  • Human resource handbook
  • Marketing handbook
  • Corporate governance guidelines
  • Process flow charts and diagrams
  • Procurement policies

HR Handbook

  • Recruitment Policy
  • Induction Policy
  • Employees Terms & Conditions
  • Leave Policy
  • Welfare Policy

Marketing Handbook

  • Commission Policy
  • Discount Policy
  • Travel Policy
  • Customer interaction guidelines
  • Trademark use guidelines

Corporate Governance Handbook

  • Setting up the framework for the Board of Directors
  • Minimize conflict of interest areas and ways to manage such conflicts

Process Flow Charts & Diagrams

  • Map business processes workflow and identify key areas to improve efficiency
  • Assigning responsibilities

Procurement Policies

  • Setting up your purchase policy
  • Contract Processes
  • Supplier registrations
  • Vendor management guidelines

Managing Growth

✓ Internal communication  ✓ Tracking Internal Requests  ✓ Measuring Performance of each Support Function

Why do you need it?

  • Track actual performance and correct your strategy if there are deviations
  • Avoid nasty surprises
  • Ensure that business model & its growth is sustainable
  • Optimization of resources

How we can help?

  • Budgets vis-à-vis targets
  • CEO dashboard
  • Manage internal clients
  • Manage internal projects

Internal Communication

Develop reference code system for the internal support teams to keep a track of requests generated

Tracking Internal Requests

Develop a network of internal communication in between the primary operations and support functions

Measuring Performance of Each Support Function

  • Generate CEO Dashboards
  • Comparison with budgets
  • Tracking the performance for the support functions
  • Identifying areas of poor performance & identifying solutions
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